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Use the Best Forks in Your Forklift When You Purchase Forklift Spares

Zealous forklift owners often take the best care of these essential machines. Forklifts typically experience rough use, often in difficult terrain. As such, these machines could end up experiencing various wear and tear issues. This is why forklift owners usually keep some forklift spares on hand. Having ready replacements enables the owners to avoid the loss of valuable production time.

Forklift Forks – One of the Most Popular Forklift Spares that Spare Part Suppliers Sell

The fork is an essential part of any forklift. Depending on your purpose, you could find a variety of forks available with any forklift part supplier. Forklift owners know the value of using the right fork in their machines. The right fork would enhance the performance levels of your forklift, thereby improving your overall productivity levels. In addition, it would minimise any material wastage too.

Forklift forks often tend to wear out frequently. Therefore, if you need to purchase a fork, consider the following ones commonly sold:

  • Hook Type Forks: Forklifts with load lifting capacities usually in excess of 14,000 pounds use hook type forks. These forks bend over and remain locked to the fork carriage’s bar. To install the fork into the carriage, you’ll need to slip both the hooks of the fork into the ends of the carriage bars.
  • Pin Type Forks: Typically found in lift trucks, these forks remain attached to the forklift carriage with the help of shafts or pins. The top of the fork usually has a small opening, through which the shaft slides in.

Southcoast Forklifts – Leading Providers of Authentic Clark Forklift Parts in Australia

To keep your forklifts in prime condition, you’ll need to service them regularly. In addition, you’ll need to purchase authentic forklift spares to replace any worn out parts. However, finding authentic forklift spare parts is not as easy as it might initially appear. This is why many people across the country only purchase forklift parts from Southcoast Forklifts. We specialise in all things concerning forklifts – including used forks and forklifts on hire. Additionally, we stock millions of genuine forklift spare parts too. Thus, finding a specific spare part you’re your forklift is not as difficult as it used to be. And, if you require onsite service and repairs for any forklift makes and models, we could help with that as well. To send us a quick enquiry for your forklift, click here.

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