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Simple Ways to Find the Best Forklift Spares for Your Machine

You might have come across various kinds of forklifts in warehouses and construction sites. These machines perform the work of several workers at one time. In addition, they often yield much higher outputs with greater levels of safety. This is why forklift owners usually take great care of these machines. Machines can tend to break down without notice and this is true for forklifts too. Even regular servicing and maintenance of the forklift cannot prevent various wear and tear issues from arising. In this situation, forklift owners often look for reputed suppliers for sourcing authentic forklift spares.


Tips to Find the Right Forklift Spares for Your Forklift

Finding spare parts for your forklift is easy. However, finding the right (and authentic) forklifts parts is not as easy. These are several makes and models of forklifts in use throughout the country. Each forklift typically uses specific parts, which you cannot substitute with parts obtained from another forklift. For instance, you won’t be able to use a Clark forklift part in a Hyster forklift. Therefore, when you’re looking for the right spare parts for your forklift, ensure that you know:

  • The kind of forklift you have e.g. whether you have an internal combustion (or IC forklift) or an electric forklift
    • If you have an IC forklift, you’ll need to know whether it runs on gas, diesel or propane
  • The make and model of your forklift
  • The part number that you require
    • You would need to refer to the manual for this information
  • The kind of forklift parts you require such as:
    • Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts or,
    • After-market or re-conditioned parts


Are You Looking for Authentic Hyster Forklift Parts in Australia?

When it comes to forklifts and forklift spares, you must possess a great deal of information or expertise. Without it, you could get ripped off quite easily. This is why many forklift owners prefer dealing with renowned and reliable suppliers. For years, Southcoast Forklifts has specialised in providing solutions to all forklift-related concerns for clients across Australia. From providing used forklifts to forklifts on hire, we have every kind of forklift that you could possibly be looking for. In addition, we stock thousands of genuine forklift spare parts for all makes and models of forklifts too. So, avoid purchasing your spare parts from elsewhere. Click here to send us a quick enquiry.

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