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Purchase the Appropriate Forklift Spares When You’re Buying the Best Used Forklift

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Gains or profits are among the top focal points for many business enterprises. This is why business owners try to minimise all unnecessary expenses. For instance, many distribution companies rely extensively on forklifts. This truck is handy for lifting and transporting heavy loads of materials. But the cost of buying a new forklift can be prohibitive. As a result, many business owners prefer purchasing used forklifts. Or, if they do not require these trucks often, they could even consider taking these trucks on lease. But, used forklifts will not necessarily be in mint condition. Therefore, it pays to inspect these trucks before you buy them. Similarly, purchasing the appropriate forklift spares at the same time could save you heaps of time when one of the parts breaks down.


Tips for Purchasing Used Forklifts and the Appropriate Forklift Spares

In many smaller towns in Australia, finding reliable used forklifts is not easy. As such, you could easily get ripped off with an inferior machine. Therefore, when you want to purchase the best used forklift, consider the following aspects:

  • The age of the forklift
  • The applications that the previous owner of the forklift used the truck for
  • The number of hours on the forklift
  • The date the forklift was maintained or serviced last
  • The parts that appear likely to break down or require replacement soon e.g. the sideshifter, the rotator, the fork positioner, the roll and barrel, the clamp and pole attachments etc.
  • The repairs carried out on the forklift and their condition
  • The condition of the paintwork of the truck
  • The warranty details and cover (including additional warranties, if any) and,
  • The likely maintenance costs that you’ll need to pay


Southcoast Forklifts – Your One-Stop Shop for the Most Authentic Forklift Spare Parts

It’s best to purchase your forklifts directly from the manufacturer or an authorised dealer. If that is not possible, then you must purchase your forklifts and forklift spares from a specialist supplier in the domain. This is why Southcoast Forklifts is one of the leading providers of new and used forklifts across the country. We offer forklifts on hire too. Moreover, when it comes to spare parts, we have a comprehensive inventory. As such, you would easily be able to find spare parts for any make or model of forklift. Click here to share your forklift-related requirements with us.

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