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Choose the Best Forklift Tyres When You’re Shopping for Forklift Parts

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Every forklift owner knows the immense value that these machines provide. The rough conditions that these machines typically operate in causes them to experience various wear and tear issues. As a result, the owners of these useful machines often find themselves searching for reputed suppliers of forklift parts. One fact that often escapes the attention it deserves is the fact that worn out tyres enhance the stress placed on the forklift by as much as 20 percent. If left unchecked, your worn out tyres could cause long-term damage to this invaluable machine.

Forklift Tyres – One of the Most Important Forklift Parts

In many cases, forklift tyres will usually be of the standard or press-on varieties. The standard forklift tyres are similar to the tyres used in cars these days. In contrast, press-on tyres are ideal for electric forklifts or forklifts designed for indoor use. It’s easier to put press-on tyres on forklifts than standard tyres.

The three most common varieties of forklift tyres include:

  • Pneumatic Tyres: These are similar to the heavy-duty tyres used in trucks. Filled with air, these tyres feature thick, deep treads. Manufacturers usually use strong rubber for these tyres to enhance their durability. By providing an air cushion between the forklift and the surface, these tyres extend the operating life of the unit.
  • Solid Rubber Tyres: Unlike pneumatic tyres, these tyres are solid and not filled with air. They will not experience flats too. However, they won’t provide an air cushion like pneumatic tyres either. Ideal for indoor use, these tyres are long-lasting.
  • Polyurethane Tyres: Ideal for indoor use, these tyres provide the appropriate traction and low-rolling resistance that electric forklifts typically need. Consequently, they have longer lifespans. Applying them to the forklift is simple too.

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